The importance of security and updates.

Recent article from popular Tech blog posted that the Checkers and Rally’s chain of fast food restaurants had discovered their systems have been compromised since 2015 with malware. Further investigation led to multiple locations that had been infected.

Malware is typically bad software which is more advanced than the traditional computer viruses and this one was designed to monitor magnetic card strip payment cards pulling cardholder names, payment card numbers, and card verification codes along with their expiration dates.

Checkers had responded by listing the locations that had been compromised which can be viewed although the amount of exposure wasn’t posted. Checkers has recommended to those who had been to a affected restaurant during the estimated dates to review their account statements and their credit reports.

With issues like this on the rise, the importance of upgrading to a EMV/Chip card solution helps anyone who handles customer payment cards prevent breaches such as these. Call RLC today for information on EMV and what can be done to help prevent this from happening to your store.