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Sentry File and KyoCapture

Comprehensive, Affordable Electronic Document Management Solutions

What is Electronic Document Management... 

Filing, retrieving, and securing paper documents can be an aggravating experience. When combined with organization electronic communications (such as email sent and received to your staff, customer, clients, vendors, etc.), the task only becomes more difficult. Often documents are lost or misplaced. There is rarely a backup of this data. Further, a disaster could easily destroy unrecoverable data. Then there's the issue of securing your files.

This is what real document management solutions are designed to improve. Document management is the process of digitizing your paper documents into a secure, searchable, online library of information.

While some organizations have implemented “pieces” of the document management process, such as using an MFP copier to scan documents to a file folder, this is only the first step. RLC provides a comprehensive set of skills to assist your organization in designing and utilizing document management in an affordable, functional environment.

Four Components To Electronic Records Management...
     - Convert paper to digital using a scanner or MFP copier
      - Index and store the digital on computer in an organized way
      - Enable the efficient searching, retrieval, and distribution of documents
      - Control access to the documents

If you have a copier/MFP in place... great (you have the first component in place)! Contact RLC to learn how to index your scanned files and make them easy to search, retrieve, and secure. 

Familiar User Interface...SentryFile organizes documents into “Cabinets” to parallel the way you store paper today. This results in an easy transition from paper to electronic records and facilitates the training process which results in organization acceptance... This is a system your staff will actually use!

The Logical Approach to Organizing Documents... SentryFile and KyoCapture are “Web-Based” applications which bring a level of comfort to the user community. Your documents reside in a secure environment, are quickly accessed by authorized staff, and can be distributed seamlessly in the manner that best-suits your operations... even via external web access. Users only see “things” they have access to so your internal documents remain... internal and your confidential documents remain... confidential. Yet, SentryFile and KyoCapture speed access and distribution of documents dramatically. Imagine being able to produce to distribute any record within seconds instead of minutes, hours, or days!

Peace Of Mind... We can schedule a demonstration at your offices.The document management process also offers massive productivity improvements. Rather than digging through filing cabinets, simply search for the information right from your computer. Once you have found the documents (in seconds), you can print a copy, email it to the person who requested the file, or just read it on screen. Documents don't become lost since there is no need to re-file them. Plus, documents can't become damaged by spills, staples, general handling, or “accidentally” shredded or misplaced.

Why Choose RLC... There are several key reasons why RLC Business and Facility Services should be your choice for document imaging and electronic records management solutions. First, we have a Certified Document Imaging Architect (CDIA+) on staff... this is the industry standard recognizing the professional achievement and qualification to design, install, and support a document imaging system. Second, we researched over half-dozen software solutions during the past year and we have chosen the best (Sentry File and KyoCapture) not only to represent to organizations such as your but for our in-house use... we simply will not sell something we don't believe in! Third, our history spans over 10 years of experience in document imaging solutions... since the late 1990's universities, secondary school systems, energy companies, and small businesses have used our staff to satisfy their document system needs. RLC brings all of the pieces of the puzzle together to help your organization (large or small) run more efficiently, improve staff workflow tasks, and increase security.

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